While Hector Lavoe was alive, he was honored with celebrity status as the Singer of Singers, "El Cantante de Los Cantantes. In spite of the tragic elements of his life, many echoed the sentiment that he had achieved legendary fame in his own time. After his death Jose Perez was inspired to write this book with Antonio Mejias in English and in Spanish. Then in an effort to romanticize his story, an off Broadway musical play was written and opened in New York as, "¿Quien Mato a Hector Lavoe?" Although the play was very entertaining, their version was fictional, using Hector's lyric as the base of the story. Then Hector's story came to the big screen as "El Cantante," with Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony, who portrayed a darker version of his life. The Singer's  legendary status is unquestionable with  Anthony Reyes' movie production of "The Untold Story of Hector Lavoe. This movie stars the accomplished actor Raul Carbonnell Jr. and co-stars La India. The difference in this story is how it embraces two important figures of his life: Carmen Castro and Jose Perez, Hector's first and only surviving son.
The Movie "Untold Story of Hector Lavoe" premier release date: February 8, 2011 at the Teatro Metro, in Santurse, Puerto Rico, then was available in all theaters after February 10th. The cast includes Raul Carbonell Jr. as Hector Lavoe with La India, Patricia Manterola, Joana Vargas, Luis Jose Lopez, Renoly Santiago, Jaime Sanchez, Angel Berrios, Ruperto Vanderpool, Jaime Garcia, Evelyn Vazquez  and others. The screenplay includes the childhood of Hector Perez and progresses to his singing career as Hector Lavoe.
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