While Hector Lavoe was alive, he was honored with celebrity status as the Singer of Singers, "El Cantante de Los Cantantes." In spite of the tragic elements of his life, many echoed the sentiment that he had achieved legendary fame in his own time. After his death Jose Perez was inspired to write this book with Antonio Mejias in English and  then Spanish. Then in an effort to romanticize his story, an off Broadway musical play was written and opened in New York as, "¿Quien Mato a Hector Lavoe?" Although the play was very entertaining, their version was fictional, using Hector's lyrics as the base of the story. Then last year a dark version of the story came to the big screen as "El Cantante," with the renowned Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony. This movie only established the fact that no matter how fictional or disfunctional his story is presented, Hector's legendary status is unquestionable. Now with the  Anthony Reyes Production of "The Untold Story of Hector Lavoe," a more humane Hector Lavoe is presented on the big screen. This movie stars the accomplished actor/vocalist Raul Carbonnell Jr. and co-stars La India. The difference in this story is how it embraces two important figures of his life: Carmen Castro and Jose Perez, Hector's first and only surviving son.  
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Latin Muscian
Joe Cuba's Biography
This story is about an individual who grew up in Spanish Harlem, and became one of the twentieth century's living legends. From the beginning, his life is impaired by the daily struggles of life in the ghetto. The story becomes legendary when the young Gilberto Navarro is transformed into the widely acclaimed and romanticized Joe Cuba. To conceptualize the meaning of Joe Cuba’s character, we have to visualize some of the roots that molded his personality.
Although he was raised in “El Barrio,” the personality of Joe Cuba was influenced by some of the greatest individuals of our time. The late Dizzy Gillespie, Machito, Tito Puente and Charlie Palmieri were all important figures that invigorated his passion for music. Their genius inspired and encouraged Joe to become one of the leading authorities in Latin music.
His career as a musician spanned six decades. Joe was unique in his field because he was one of the first to successfully introduce English lyrics to Latin music. As an innovator, he combined authentic Latin beats with rhythm and blues tempos, igniting a new and vibrating sound called the boogaloo. Although he recorded only 240 tunes, many of them became popular among the American pop charts. Two of his greatest hits, “Bang Bang” and “El Pito” are said to have sold millions of copies throughout the world.
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